Cream of the Crop

December 2004

1. What's Growin' On? California Feeds the World
While supplies last, request a free classroom set of last year's What's Growin' On? California Feeds the World educational newspaper. Bundled in groups of 30, this edition explores California agriculture at the fourth through eighth grade level. Topics include food safety, food origins, agriculture and technology, plus much more. Content standards are incorporated. Supplies are limited, so make your request soon! The third edition of the newspaper, What's Growin' On? California's Colorful Bounty, will be available this spring. Watch for announcements.

2. Food Safety from Farm to Fork
This teacher guide provides fifth through seventh graders a better understanding of food safety through real-life examples and enjoyable activities. Students will learn that everyone has a responsibility in minimizing foodborne illnesses -- farmers, transporters, restaurants, grocery stores... and the consumer! Through reading, games, puzzles, math problems and science investigations, participants identify the roles each one of us plays to ensure the food we enjoy is safe to eat.
Download this 16-page booklet from or request a printed version by calling 800/700-AITC (2482) or e-mailing

3. Imagine this... Story Writing Contest - Regional Winners!
The 2004-2005 regional winners have been selected in the Foundation's story writing contest for grades 3-8. This year, 48 regional winners from 20 California counties are now vying for top statewide honors. The list of regional winners is available at the end of this message and on the CFAITC Web site. Statewide winners will be announced after the first of the year. Congratulations young authors!

4. CFAITC Web site: Looking Forward to 2005
This past year has brought a lot of changes, additions and updates to the Foundation's Web site. The new Kids' Corner was launched with games, recipes and links to other sites. For the first time California AITC Conference participants were able to sign-up for tours online, and this e-newsletter, Current News, experienced a re-design. CFAITC.ORG welcomed over 60,000 visitors in 2004--that's over 750,000 hits! Next year we look forward to adding even more great content to the Kids' Corner, making conference registration even easier, and providing resources to even more visitors.
How has the Web site affected your life this past year? What could be done to make it better? Let our Web site coordinator know at

5. The Stewardship of Water in Art and Agriculture
Workshop: Jan. 29-30, 2005, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Registration deadline: Jan. 15, 2004
The Central Coast Center for Arts Education's Agricultural Literacy and the Arts Project has scheduled this two-day workshop to explore how artists across the centuries have conveyed the importance of water to agriculture through visual arts, music, theatre and literature. It will also explore ways to teach about water in the classroom using content standards addressing science, agriculture, and the visual and performing arts. Intriguing hands-on activities will be transferable to classroom settings. Registration is $40 plus $20 for mid-day meals. Call 805/756-2935 for details.

6. Fifth Graders: Celebrate Arbor Day 2005
Deadline: Mar. 1, 2005
"Trees are Terrific... and Energy Wise!" is the theme for this year's contest. Free curriculum kits explaining the contest are available to fifth grade teachers and parents. Each school or group selects one poster to submit to the statewide contest. One winner will be forwarded to the National Arbor Day Foundation for final judging. That winner receives a $1,000 savings bond and other prizes.
For more information and to request a kit, contact Kay Antunez 916/653-7958 or visit

7. Forestry Institute for Teachers (FIT)
Application deadline: Mar. 15, 2005
It's not too early to plan for the summer! These week-long workshops provide participants with Forestry curriculum resources guides, Project Learning Tree and Project Aquatic WILD training, and a $100 stipend, plus housing, meals and curriculum materials.
In 2005, three institutes will be offered:

For more information, visit or call 800/738-8733.

Imagine this... Story Writing Contest - Regional Winners

Region 1
by Blake Vierra, 3rd Grade
Maxwell Elementary School - Dena Lausten, Teacher
Once I Was an Orange
by Zack Troughton, 3rd Grade
Maxwell Elementary School - Dena Lausten, Teacher
Super Baling Man
by Rebecca White, 4th Grade
Williams Middle School - Angela Stephens, Teacher
The Journey of Cassie Cauliflower
by Averi Ramynke, 5th Grade
Maxwell Elementary School - Lisa Becker, Teacher
The Small Agricultural Town of Maxwell
by Alexzandria Miller, 5th Grade
Maxwell Elementary School - Lisa Becker, Teacher
Eggs-cellent Eggs
by Sydney Bowman, 7th Grade
Shaffer Elementary School - Dean Weaver, Teacher
Polan's Garden Goods
by Kylie Shea Polan, 8th Grade
Shaffer Elementary School - Dean Weaver, Teacher
by Kylie Faure, 8th Grade
Shaffer Elementary School - Dean Weaver, Teacher
Bossy the Beef Cow
by Preston Munson, 4th Grade
Etna Elementary School - Julie Sutter, Teacher
Eat Me! I'm Broccoli
by Makyla Hervieux, 6th Grade
Grenada Elementary School - Debbi Hoy, Teacher
Peter the Pill Bug
by Keri Luiz, 6th Grade
Fort Jones Elementary School - Tammy Luiz, Teacher
Pig Pride
by Tyler Sweet, 7th Grade
Grenada Elementary School - Debbi Hoy, Teacher
Region 2
Contra Costa
No Agriculture
by Eva Healy, 6th Grade
Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School - Ellen Georgi, Teacher
Tomato Debate-o
by Elysia Cook, 7th Grade
William B. Bristow Middle School - Shawna J. Borba, Teacher
El Dorado
The Amazing Pumpkin that Saved Thanksgiving Day
by Shea McLinden, 3rd Grade
Rescue Elementary School - Candace Arendt, Teacher
That One Chance
by Brittany Morrison, 4th Grade
Louisiana Schnell School - Dee Desmond, Teacher
My Egg-celent Story
by Travis Kirkemo, 5th Grade
Louisiana Schnell School - Julie Gavard, Teacher
Nelly, the Great Watermelon
by Samantha Reeder, 5th Grade
Louisiana Schnell School - Juli Gavard, Teacher
The Great Day
by Nolan King, 3rd Grade
Alta Heights Elementary School - Ila Hohmann, Teacher
Ever Loving Soybeans
by Elizabeth Cohmanschi, 8th Grade
Arden Middle School - Kimberly Karver, Teacher
San Joaquin
Tommy Tomato
by Viet Huynh, 8th Grade
Morada Middle School - Joanna Graf, Teacher
An Almond Tale
by Brooke Corgiat, 6th Grade
Yolo Middle School - Sheila Kendall, Teacher
by Michelle Fantozzi, 7th Grade
Sacred Heart Catholic School - Star Pedron, Teacher
The Talking Cow
by Sharon Palkki, 4th Grade
Jamestown School - Judy Brimmer, Teacher
Region 3
Grapes to Raisins
by Darian Strong, 3rd Grade
Roosevelt Elementary School - Gina Elisalde, Teacher
The Green Bug
by Anthony Nonini, 3rd Grade
Roosevelt Elementary School - Gina Elisalde, Teacher
The Great Peach Investigation
by Claire Jaramishian, 5th Grade
Baird Middle School - Liz Dodds, Teacher
A Young Boy's Dream
by Joshua Daniel, 7th Grade
Sanger Academy Charter School - Nicole Wichert, Teacher
Koko, the Great Farmer
by Ameet Randhawa, 7th Grade
Sanger Academy Charter School - Nicole Wichert, Teacher
The Legend
by Eric Hernandez, 5th Grade
Shirley Lane Elementary School - Mary Ortiz, Teacher
Potatoes: A History Unearthed
by Thomas Harlander, 6th Grade
Home School - Christine Harlander, Teacher
Clean Billy!
by Yesenia Avelar, 8th Grade
Almond Tree Middle School - Cindy Hukill, Teacher
Jorge Meets Gustavo
by Carla Stephens, 8th Grade
Almond Tree Middle School - Cindy Hukill, Teacher
San Benito
Beans, Beans the Magical Fruit
by Scott McFall, 6th Grade
Tres Pinos Union School - Laurie Marcus, Teacher
Gary the Grapevine
by Haden Hobbs, 4th Grade
Visalia Christian School - Barbara Wissink, Teacher
In Search of the Truth
by Kelsy Guerrero, 4th Grade
Visalia Christian School - Diana Owens, Teacher
Region 4
Los Angeles
The Talking Soil
by Nataly Herrera, 4th Grade
Graham Elementary School - Noelle Shaw, Teacher
Vegetable Stars
by Loris Mousessian, 5th Grade
Fremont Elementary School - Sherri Downer, Teacher
The Goat that Wanted to be a Cow
by Casey Perlmuth, 6th Grade
Hale Middle School - Richard Herrera, Teacher
Doggie Duties
by Brianna Edlund, 8th Grade
San Gabriel Christian School - Christie Curtis, Teacher
One Tree's Wish
by Stephanie Zhao, 8th Grade
San Gabriel Christian School - Christie Curtis, Teacher
Elisa's Missing!
by Elyse L. Ford, 3rd Grade
James E. Carter Elementary School - Karen Olson, Teacher
The Talking Peach
by Carleigh Robinson, 3rd Grade
Murrieta Elementary School - Sharon Gunrud, Teacher
San Bernardino
Tilly's Song
by Kaelin Swift, 6th Grade
Home Choice - Washington Alt. School - Pamela Eshelman, Teacher
San Diego
The Adventures of Garlic Man
by Rachel Botts, 7th Grade
Home School - Vanessa Botts, Teacher
Santa Barbara
Miss Orange USA
by Tiana Marie Hansen, 7th Grade
Vista de las Cruces School - Tina McEnroe, Teacher
The Pumpkin Thief
by Kailen Malloy, 4th Grade
Juanamaria Elementary School - Joanne Frazier, Teacher
The Water Ripple
by Shobha Jagannatham, 5th Grade
Weathersfield Elementary School - Diana Maiorca, Teacher