Perfect Eggs

By Megan Harlander
3rd Grade, Kern County
Valley Oaks Charter School - Christine Harlander, Teacher

Once upon a time there were three hens, Bitty, Fluffy and Princess. One day Princess said, "I wish I could lay golden eggs. I heard the farmer's children talking about a goose that laid a golden egg."

"But your eggs are still valuable even though they are not golden," said Bitty. Fluffy agreed but they still did not convince her.

Princess went outside and sat in the golden sunshine to soak up its light.

After Fluffy had finished laying her egg, she saw Princess sitting in the sun. "Why are you sitting in the warm sun?" said Fluffy.

Princess replied, "I'm trying to get golden eggs from sparkly golden things."

Later she ran over to the garden and looked for golden bugs to eat. When the farmer came out, he dropped some corn kernels for the hens, and Princess tried to eat the most golden ones. She even tried to eat the farmer's gold ring.

The next morning Princess laid her egg. It was not golden. She went and asked Bitty and Fluffy, "What can I do to get golden eggs?"

Bitty said, "Your eggs are marvelous just how they are! They are worth more than gold. People need your eggs to make breakfast, lunch and dinner."

Fluffy added, "Your eggs have minerals. They have vitamins and protein. There are over seventy-two billion eggs sold a year in the US and some of those are yours!"

Bitty and Fluffy said together, "Most of all, they taste delicious!"

After they had told her all the good things about her eggs, she thought about what they had said. "You're right," Princess said. "People need my eggs. I think my eggs are perfect just the way they are."

And from then on Princess was content with her eggs.