The Coyote, the Avocado & Sam

By Zeb Soyffer
5th Grade, Ekstrand Elementary School
Catherine Rojas, Teacher
Los Angeles County
Illustrated by Woodland High School

One day a little boy named Sam was out by some avocado trees thinking of how yummy they always taste and decided to climb up and pick some for himself. Avocados were Sam's absolute favorite fruit. While he was up in the tree a very large and hungry looking coyote appeared by the trunk of the tree. Sam grew frightened as he knew coyotes often ate animals, and sometimes even people! The coyote asked the boy to come down and play, but Sam knew what he was up to and said, "No way, I know what you want."

Just then Sam had an idea. He told the coyote of the many health and beauty benefits the avocado has including providing 4 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C in just one avocado. He also explained how they can improve your skin and give your hair—or in the coyote's case, fur—a beautiful silky shine.

While up in the tree, Sam dropped down a tasty snack he had prepared of avocado with a squirt of lemon, topped with a dash of salt and pepper and said to the coyote, "Just try it and see what you think." To the coyote's surprise, it was delicious. He quickly finished it and asked for more.

Sam ended up giving him a dozen or so more of the delicious fruit along with some recipes he said he should try. The coyote's stomach was so full that Sam finally felt safe enough to come down. He told the coyote he could grow them himself and gave him the seeds from the avocados he had eaten and told him how to do it.

One way is to put the pit in a glass of water with a toothpick sticking out of each side so that it doesn't go into the water all the way. Once the avocado pit begins to sprout it should be put into the ground to grow. Or, if he wanted he could start it in a pot like you would any other type of plant.

He explained that the avocado tree loves plenty of sunshine and a good soak of water, but it's a good idea to let it dry out in between waterings. Sam then told the coyote all about the benefits of being a vegetarian and that the avocado was a perfect food in every way.

The large coyote headed home feeling great, without the usual heaviness he always had after a meal of meat. He felt light and full of energy as he carried a bag full of avocados on his back.

When he entered his cave, his fellow pack of coyotes were mad because he came in without the usual meal of meat. They all stood up and started barking and howling at him in anger.

They were all used to eating small animals, roadkill or anything heavy and meaty, but before they could howl any longer, the large coyote whipped up some guacamole he learned how to make from Sam.

The coyote then watched with delight as his pack of coyotes danced around with joy at the yummy, filling, and tasty treat. They asked where in the world did he find this incredible food and the coyote said from a boy he almost ate!

He then went on to share with them how he intended to grow them with the seeds he had. A few years went by and this former hungry pack of coyotes sent word to the boy Sam to come to their cave for a feast of fresh avocados grown in their very own garden.

When Sam arrived he was in shock at the rows and rows of avocados he saw and immediately thought of how much money they could make if they sold them to the local markets. It turns out that they had so many avocados from their harvest that not only did they make a lot of money, but they wound up buying a bunch of land and growing more than 100 avocado trees.

Before too long they were the most famous avocado growers in the whole state of California and people came from all over the country to go to this special orchard, not only because the avocados were so delicious and full of vitamins but also because they were grown by vegetarian coyotes! Sam was happy because he knew animals and people would no longer be hunted by coyotes and because he could climb trees all day long without worry!