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The California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom takes pride in the variety of resources it offers to educators and students. Periodically, materials are revised or removed from general circulation. The lesson plans in this "Archives" section are sound educational pieces which will enhance your teaching. However, they are not listed on the main lesson plan section solely because they are not aligned to the current Content Standards for California Public Schools nor do they contain the most current statistics or contact information.

The Interrelationships of Soil, Water, and Fertilizers and How They Affect Plant Growth

By Pamela Emery
Grade: 9-12
Subjects: Science, Mathematics, English Language Arts, History/Social Science, Health/Nutrition, Visual/Performing Arts

This comprehensive unit offers high school students the opportunities to perform guided classroom science projects and relate their newly gained knowledge to current agricultural issues including ground water quality and sustainable agriculture. A problem-solving role-play concludes the unit.

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