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Educator's Mushroom Growth Kit
This mushroom kit includes a lesson plan complete with classroom, laboratory, and extension activities; mushroom life cycle and anatomy worksheets; Mushroom Modules containing medium and mushroom spores; and all materials and equipment needed for the growth of the mushrooms. Select from one of three grade-level groupings. Each lesson plan includes a full chapter's worth of textbook-style background information as well as concepts, science themes, and laboratory and extension activities. Reviewed and endorsed by the California Department of Education as a National Science Education Standards-based lesson. Indicate grade level lesson preference when ordering.

Grades K-4, 5-8, 9-12 and adult
1 Module Kit, $19.95 plus shipping
2 Module Kits, $29.95 plus shipping 3 Module Kits, $34.95 plus shipping 4 Module Kits, $39.95 plus shipping

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