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California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom

Conference Highlights - 2016

Conference Farm Tours

September 22-24, 2016
Holiday Inn Sacramento- Capitol Plaza
Sacramento, California

A Taste of Lodi

Catch a glimpse of San Joaquin County while you visit a vineyard, winery and processing plant in Lodi.

  • Bear Creek Vineyard and Winery - Lodi, CA
  • Pacific Coast Producers - Lodi, CA

UC Davis Experience

Visit the various agricultural facilities at University of California, Davis–including greenhouses, swine and dairy barns.

  • University of California Davis - Davis, CA

Delta Grown

Travel the adventurous levee roads and learn about both organic and conventional agriculture in the Sacramento Delta.

  • Greene and Hemly - Courtland, CA
  • Bogle Winery - Clarksburg, CA
  • Steamboat Acres - Courtland, CA

From Farm to You!

Take a peek at Sacramento agriculture as we visit a port, a wholesale floral distributor and a u-pick farm.

  • Port of West Sacramento - West Sacramento, CA
  • Flora Fresh - Sacramento, CA
  • R. Kelley Farms - Sacramento, CA

Pre-Conference Tour

Participants will learn how food gets from farm to you by visiting a local grocery store and cattle ranch.

  • Bel Air Supermarket - Elk Grove, CA
  • HAVE Angus, Vietheer Cattle Ranch - Wilton, CA

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