Too Much? Too Little?

Too Much? Too Little? By Pamela Emery
Edited by Shaney Emerson
December 2013

Grade: 5-8

Subjects: Science, Mathematics, English Language Arts, History/Social Science, Health/Nutrition, Visual/Performing Arts

Standards: Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards

This eleven-lesson unit introduces fifth- through eighth-grade students to the connection between soil nutrients and the food they eat. The lessons consist of a series of demonstrations and hands-on experiments that show that plants require nutrients in certain quantities. Students will investigate soil properties, learn how to properly prepare fertilizer nutrient solutions, identify deficiencies in plant nutrients using a key, and much more. At the end of the unit, students will use their knowledge to vote on mock ballot propositions that relate to agricultural issues. Many lessons provide opportunities for cooperative learning by suggesting that students work in pairs or as teams.

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