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California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom


I'm honored to provide this letter to thank the supporters of the California Foundation for Ag in the Classroom! It is not an understatement to say that I could not do my job without you. As a middle school agriculture teacher in an urban area, your generosity impacts my students every day.

You might be amazed to learn that our school provides a complete agricultural elective experience to hundreds of students each year... in the heart of Los Angeles, on a 2-acre farm on Sunset Boulevard! We grow over 40 different agricultural products over the course of a year, representing the diversity and abundance of the California Agriculture industry, using sustainable practices. As the daughter and granddaughter of ranchers and farmers, I love sharing the story of agriculture with my students each day.

As you can imagine, last year was the toughest of my career. How could I provide an engaging and immersive experience to my students, on a computer, at home, without being at our farm? Like everyone around the world, we made it happen… with the help of Ag in the Classroom!

With Ag in the Classroom's 'LearnAboutAg@Home' blog, I knew that I could keep students motivated and learning. The Ag in the Classroom staff worked diligently to repurpose and repackage their materials into "grab and go" formats that made lesson planning in an online environment accessible. Though virtual, we were able to learn about seasonal crops like pumpkins, experience food science lab activities like butter making, and explore agricultural and environmental careers. I feel confident that students came away with an immersive, engaging, and inspirational agricultural education experience thanks to these resources.

"There's something unique about what Ag in the Classroom provides. I know that I can trust these resources to be factual, informative, appropriate, and standards-based. Attention to detail, colorful graphics, and enthusiasm make these materials exceptional. And I cannot wait to return to the Ag in the Classroom Annual Conference, whether virtual or in person, for my annual dose of inspiration and up-to-date industry knowledge."

As school resumes safely in person, I look forward to reconnecting students with agriculture, all around them! And thanks to Ag in the Classroom, we'll be able to seamlessly transition back to in-person lessons integrated with high-tech tools.

Thank you! These resources are free and downloadable because of your support. Your generosity helped remove barriers and create access so ALL students can "Learn About Agriculture"!

Please renew your support for Agriculture in the Classroom today! Thank you.


Carrie Lawson Robertson

Carrie Lawson Robertson, NBCT
Agriculture Teacher & Farm Manager
Paul Revere Charter Middle School & Magnet Center
Los Angeles Unified School District

Message from Executive Director Judy Culbertson:
Message from Judy Culbertson