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California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom

California Farm Day

Did you know, raindrops aren't shaped like drops; they're shaped like a round ball or a flat button or that California's second driest year on record was in 2021 while in 2023 the state received record snowfall? Find out more fun facts such as these when you join us at California Farm Day!

Students throughout California will learn all about the weather and how it affects California agriculture at California Farm Day! Our newspaper – Weather Wise teaches students how farmers respond to the changes in our atmosphere with smart farming decisions that benefit crops, livestock, and our environment. You and your students will learn that rainfall can encourage growth or devastate crops, cool temperatures can hinder seed growth, and hot temperatures can scorch plants. However, despite these risks and uncertainties, California farmers and ranchers still produce more than 400 commodities – agriculture products that enrich each of our lives every day. We plan to spend an hour and a half with your class and hope your students are as excited as we are!


Our latest What's Growin' On? student newspaper is downloadable and found HERE!