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California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom


2020 has been a challenging year for teachers and farmers alike. Teachers had to figure out how to teach at a distance. Farmers and ranchers had to figure out new supply chain logistics. Neither of which turns on a dime.

However, teachers and farmers alike are resilient, creatively coming up with ways to meet the need. Teachers are keeping students educated, and farmers and ranchers are keeping people fed.

Your support as a contributor to Agriculture in the Classroom will keep the education momentum moving forward. Even through distance learning, students must learn about the importance of agriculture in our economy and society and the value that farmers and ranchers provide to each one us as they produce the goods and services we need in our everyday lives.

Here's how we have adapted to meet the changing needs of teachers this year:

  • Beginning in March we introduced our #LearnAboutAg@Home blog reaching more than 4,000 parents and educators with hands-on resources and live activities.
  • We provided a free, live, virtual conference to help teachers with distance learning strategies. A record 441 registered for the conference.
  • We began converting our hundreds of resources to Google Classroom to make it easier for teachers and students.

California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom reaches tens of thousands of teachers and 1.3 million students every year with resources and programs that provide lifelong lessons about the value of agriculture. We are the leading agricultural literacy education organization in the state of California serving the full spectrum of kindergarten through 12th grade formal and informal education.

Your support in 2020 will help students learn lifelong lessons about the importance of agriculture in their lives. Please send a contribution today!



Judy Culbertson
Executive Director

P.S. Ag in the Classroom was able to conquer 2020 with great success. We look forward to doing even more in 2021! Check out our enclosed Report Card!

You can also mail a check or call 800-700-AITC (2482)
California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom
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