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California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom

Imagine this... Story Writing Contest

Prompt Ideas and Classroom Tips


Use these Prompt Ideas or Create Your Own.

  • 3rd - California farmers use natural and human resources to produce food and fiber for the U.S. and the world. Write a story about a farmer whose crops go to another country, or tell the story from the crop's point of view. Learn about almond farming with the lesson plans, video and activity book.
  • 4th - Agriculture played a role in California history! Brainstorm and write a creative story plot about an agricultural commodity's role in history.
  • 5th - Geography and climate influenced how California came to be the nation's top agricultural state. Brainstorm a story about how soil and climate help plants grow. Use the California Grows map to see the top crops throughout California's diverse regions and climate zones.
  • 6th - Walnuts were considered to be the food of the gods in ancient Rome. Today, they are California's #6 most valuable agricultural commodity. Write a story about a crop (walnuts, grapes, rice, or more), which played a role in an ancient civilization and is still widely used today.
  • 7th - Historically, paper played a great role in the growth of disseminating information. Discuss other products that come from forests (see our forestry resources fact sheet), and write a story about how these products help us in our daily lives.
  • 8th - Technological development continues to transform agriculture. Write about an invention (like a cotton gin, tractor, or refrigerator) and how it influences our food system. Learn about modern agricultural technology and careers in What's Growin' On? student newspaper.

Writing and Beyond, Try these Classroom Tips!

  • Listening - Read or watch a past winning story, and brainstorm other unique ideas.
  • Reading - Have students read each other's drafts and provide feedback.
  • Speaking - Ask students to read their stories aloud.
  • Researching - Let students explore the Students, Imagine this... page as a place to start.
  • Writing - Motivate students to write their best! Awards are given at state and regional level.

Use our FREE Teaching Materials

  • Ag Fact Sheets - Students can read short informative texts about topics including alfalfa, spinach, forestry and more!
  • Invasive Species Fact Sheets - Learn about invasive species (bad bugs) currently threatening California agriculture, with the this special set of fact and activity sheets.
  • Student Newspaper - Order a free class set of What's Growin' On? for great reading and critical thinking activities.
  • Ag-Bites - Try quick, hands-on activities to inspire students.
  • Lessons - Explore units and lesson plans covering various subjects.
  • All Resources - See our entire collection of free teaching resources.