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California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom

Conference Highlights - 2016

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Conference Workshops

September 22-24, 2016
Holiday Inn Sacramento- Capitol Plaza
Sacramento, California

Title: Careers in Agriculture: Think Outside the Farm

Grades: 9-12
Presenter: Stephanie Etcheverria, Center for Land-Based Learning
Description: As the agricultural industry changes, so does the need for future employees. With an expected 59,000+ new agricultural jobs by 2020, there are opportunities in management and business, STEM, sustainable food, education and communication. Learn how to help students discover the variety of agricultural career paths that are suited to their personal interests, talents and characteristics.

Title: Language, Math & Science of Watersheds

Grades: 9-12
Presenter: Brian Brown, Project WET
Description: By engaging in the Project WET activity, 'Blue River,' participants will be introduced to the basic terminology of watersheds, learn how to develop and interpret a hydrograph and use hydrograph data to discuss connections between current California water issues, agriculture and snowpack.

Title: Science/Agriculture is FUN

Grades: 4-8
Presenters: John Fedors, Science Activities, Retired Science Teacher
Description: Discover a variety of hands-on activities and demonstrations to stimulate student interest and help explain biological activities in living organisms. The workshop will cover energy, water and air. Use your senses of awareness to promote student inquiry and feel comfortable sharing activities with your students. Learn about materials and lesson plans available. The workshop also includes door prizes!

Title: Cooking up the Common Core

Grades: K-6
Presenter: Michelle Stern, Author and Educator
Description: Cooking up the Common Core is a hands-on workshop loaded with practical applications and strategies to combine cooking activities with Common Core State Standards. Participants will come away with new techniques to reinforce literacy, math, science and social studies skills, reach students who have a variety of learning styles, encourage healthy eating habits and model skills that will last a lifetime.

Title: Ag-Bites + Ag Fact Sheets = Easy Ways to Integrate Ag

Grades: K-6
Presenter: Julie Cates, Linwood Elementary School
Description: Curricular integration of agriculture may seem daunting, but with Ag in the Classroom materials, extensions for informative writing, scientific observations, math and taste-testing grow naturally. These high-quality materials are aligned with Common Core State Standards. Discover how to blend agricultural education into existing Common Core lesson planning. Lesson plan adaptations will include grades K-3, 4-5 and 6.

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